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The TRX-1090 has been developed to extend the very popular FLARM® collision avoidance system, which is installed in more than 13.000 aircraft worldwide,

The unit will be connected between FLARM® and a FLARM® compatible external display unit, to simultaneously show FLARM® targets and Mode-S transponder equipped aircraft with ADS-B output capability.

The presence of transponder equipped aircraft not broadcasting ADS-B output will be detected and indicated on the connected display as a as a proximity warning with altitude information.

With it’s flexible interface concept, the TRX-1090 provides a  maximum level of connectivity to give you FLARM®-  and transponder targets to a connected moving map system (i.e. FlyMapL, GARMIN®GPS series 39x, 49x, 69x, Moving Terrain MT-VisionAIR or LX8000/9000/8080) and all devices with GARMIN® TIS interface. Support for other devices is under development and can be installed via software upgrade.

The unit provides connectivity for two external cockpit displays. When connected to the USB port of your PC, the system will be switched into the wide range mode and works as a ADS-B ground receiver.

It is not essential to connect the TRX-1090 to a transponder. The system comes with its own 1090 Mhz receiver.

The TRX-1090 provides GPS data received from the FLARM® via a dedicated port to supply an ADS-B out capable Mode-S trans-ponder. (e.g. Garrecht Avionic VT-01, VT-02). This device broad-casts the current position message every secound – the message can be received by ADS-B receivers installed in other aircraft, as well as with receivers installed on ground.


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